8-Week Small Group Study Guide

Take your understanding of The I-Factor to a deeper level. In this 8-Week Small Group Study, you will learn more about your I-Factor, discover important insights about how it affects your life, and connect with others for further growth. Grab this material. Gather your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors and Grow to achieve the life of greatness you are destined for.

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Video Companion To The 8-Week Small Group Study Guide

This Video Companion accompanies the 8-Week Small Group Study Guide. Each week, while going through the 8-Week Small Group Study Guide, you will watch one of these Town Hall teaching and discussion videos led by Van Moody and then discuss it with your Small Group. This Video Companion also contains “Host Lifters” that will equip and empower you to lead a great Small Group.

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Small Group Study Guide and Video Companion Bundle

Beyond cost savings, purchasing the bundle is a great way to reinforce the life-changing principles of The I-Factor long after your small group has ended. Purchasing the bundle allows you to go back through the entire 8-Week Study anytime you desire and allows you to lead others through this life-changing study as well.

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